Software Development.

We work according to a rigorous and high quality standard, combining our ability to innovate with the latest technology, confidence, confidentiality and professionalism.

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Who is Guenka?

Technology transforming reality for the better.

Forming tools and qualified professionals to serve different market segments, Guenka solutions aim at the storage and security of organizational data, providing means to translate them into easily interpreted information that provide a reliable source for decision making, seeking cost reduction and processes improvement.

With the MPS.BR (Improvement of Brazilian Software Processes) model in place, we are constantly working on improving and perfecting our activities and internal processes in search of the best way to serve our customers. Get in touch and learn more about our company, products and services provided!

Founded 2001,

Guenka has a trained and motivated team, allying itself with specialized consultancies and training as needed.

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Our work


Initially working in the area of embedded systems, today we work with the development of applications and Web systems.

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What we offer


We work with technologies for the Web, using hybrid mobile development and the latest features in this process.



Development for mobile devices using multiplatform resources, we develop applications for Android and iOS.



Construction of websites and web systems working with the latest technologies for web with responsive design.



Creation and configuration of cloud systems, with experience in using resources such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our achievements

Awards and Certificates

Guenka Software brings quality into its DNA, always working to implement new processes and extract the maximum positive results from these, with the objective of keeping them feasible and lean.


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